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Panda's Wishlists

Everybody has different wants and needs, so there is a wishlist just for you.

Panda's Generic List

This list is kinda the throw all.  Items that Panda needs or wants that do not fit in on another item specific list.... or is something that takes precedence for her over other items.

Beauty 'N Wigs

You love that bimbo aesthetic?  The hair... nails... makeup?  Do you want to see me with a new look?  New color/style of hair?  This is probably the list for you.  Lemme be living fuckdoll you have always dreamed of owning.

C osplay Girl

Hi, Daddy. Wanna play?  Need a naughty nurse?  Do you want me to do some specific role play and look the part?  Then, you may want to purchase something off this list.

Daily Wear

A good bimbo should always dress the part.  Unfortunately, Panda doesn't have very much in way of good Bimbo wear.  Vintage/retro is definitely her thing, and with her tits.. always looks slutty.  So, if you are into bimbofication as a whole lifestyle, and wanna make sure Panda doesn't slip back into her oldself... maybe help her get some clothes she can wear everyday.

Lingerie Lover

Are you a Lingerie Lover?  An avid supporter of Panda's free Lingerie Streams on?  Have a particular color or style you wanna see in photos or a private cam session?  Then, you might like to pick something out from this particular list.

Shoe Fetishist

Do you have a shoe or foot fetish?  Wanna see some more feet specific photos?  Well, three pairs of heels will get old quickly.  Pick out your favorite pair, and see photos and videos of Panda strutting her stuff in them.

Send all gift cards to

Nail Gift Card:

Hair & Waxing Gift Card:


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